Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Happy Geeta Jayanti to All!

Gita Jayanti is the day when Lord Krishna  enlightened Arjuna with the holy teaching of Bhagavad Gita.  It was an extraordinary juncture, just before the great war of Mahabharata, when extraordinary warrior Arjuna became dejected and confused, and asked Lord Krishna for His guidance.
Through extraordinary divine dialogue Lord Krishna explained Arjuna the meaning of Karma Yoga and how he can attain the purpose of life by performing his prescribed duty and following his Dharma (Righteousness). He uplifted Arjuna from confusion and dejection state of mind (Lower-self) into Self-realized (Higher-Self) through step by step spiritual journey.
The Gitas teachings transformed Arjuna from, I will not perform my duty and fight the battle to I will do as you advised (2.09, 18.73). It took Arjuna, gradually, from Vishad, confusion and dejection until he says, my doubts are dispelled, I have regained the memory of Self-Knowledge and I do as you have advised to fulfill my responsibility and establish the righteousness.  
The immortal message of the Gita (Universal Truth) was not only imparted to Arjuna for a specific condition and situation but also for the entire mankind, based upon the eternal conditions of human nature. All people in this world face similar issues and go through similar confusions and emotions throughout their lives, and look for guidance. 
The teachings of the Gita apply to todays  man with a modern lifestyle (young and  old,  housewife  to  professional)  and  all  types  of  people  with  different personalities.  They are  applicable  in  every field and  every situation  of  life from  family to  global and  from  personal  to  business. Since the  Gita  is the voice  of  Lord Krishna, it has the  miraculous  ability to  give readers the  true meaning  of  what  they  are  searching for.
The message of the Gita is as relevant for people living in India and the West today as it was for the people of India more than 5000 years ago. It is as relevant for Hindus as for people of all other religions. It teaches Hindus how to be better Hindus, but it also teaches Muslims to be better Muslims, Christians to be better Christians, and Jews to be better Jews.

In summary, the Gita teaches us how to  apply its teaching  in  our  lives, fulfill our  daily responsibilities, remove our doubts and confusions, enhance the quality of our life; and attain everlasting Peace, Prosperity and Anandam (Ultimate Bliss).
“The Gita is a step by step spiritual practical instruction manual for our daily life”
“I am sure that those who read and truly implement the teachings in this Song of God will be touched, taught and transformed, and they will find that deep peace to which Bhagawan Krishnas message leads.” – Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati (Parmarth, Rishikesh)
May Lord Krishna and Gita guide us to fulfill our responsibilities and attain the purpose of our life,” Sat Chit Ananda”
Note: Part of the text is taken from the book “My questions and God’s Answers” The guide to Eternal, Happiness, Peace and Anandam (BHAGAVAD GITA) by Satya kalra.
For details please visit www.pathtoanandam.org

Satya Kalra
Founder of Path to Anandam

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